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Research conducted on effects of brain trauma

Connecticut residents may have recently read about how the University of Rochester Medical Center and the Cleveland Clinic conducted a health research study on 67 collegiate football players. The study revealed that repeated head trauma and brain injury may trigger overactivity in the autoimmune system. This response may ultimately be responsible for brain degeneration that occurs later in life after multiple brain injuries or repeat trauma to the head. Researchers related this type of effect to the autoimmune response in multiple sclerosis patients. The results of the study are important because it may bring about new advances in treatment for head trauma patients.

Soldiers, football players and others may commonly experience blows to the head. The URMC study determined that elevated levels of a protein biomarker were present in all of the study's subjects after they played in a football game, and this includes those players who did not suffer from a concussion or other serious head injury. This may indicate that even those who don't suffer a traumatic head injury experience long-term health effects by repeated blows to the head. 

The recent study may result in improved treatments and better long-term health results for those who experience head injuries. However, those who have experienced head injuries may be faced with considerable financial expenses in relation to lost wages and medical expenses. Depending on the severity of their injury, they may require hospitalization, emergency medical assistance, surgery, long-term care and other forms of health services.

Victims of a traumatic event that resulted in brain injury or head trauma in Connecticut may pursue punitive damages in a civil court. By filing a personal injury lawsuit, they may obtain financial compensation that can decrease the burden they face after this type of event. They can contact a Connecticut personal injury lawyer to learn more about this option.

Source: Medical Xpress, "Brain injury may be autoimmune phenomenon, like multiple sclerosis, research finds," March 6, 2013

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